What is a software Testing Methodology? A methodology is a package of methods. In simple words, it’s a bundle of practical ideas and proven practises which help in efficient software project management. Testing is the integral part of software development. Poor testing methodologies lead to unstable products and unpredictable development times. It is more important than […]

What is system integration testing? System Integration Testing is a black box testing technique that evaluates the system’s compliance against specified requirements. System Integration Testing is usually performed on subset of system while system testing is performed on a complete system and is preceded by the user acceptance test. The goal of systems integration testing […]

What is destructive testing? Destructive testing is a testing technique in which the application is made to fail in an uncontrolled manner to test the robustness of the application and also to find the point of failure. Destructive testing is performed under the most severe operating conditions and it is continued until the application breaks. […]

What is unit testing? Unit testing refers to the practice of testing certain functions and areas – or units – of our code. This gives us the ability to verify that our functions work as expected. That is to say that for any function and given a set of inputs, we can determine if the […]

What is Cookie? Cookie word refers to information that is stored by the server on the client side. User preferences are recorded during usage of particular website by cookies in the form of text files and stored in the hard disks of user. Why Cookie? HTTP is request-response type protocol and it is memory-less because […]

What is Negative Testing? Negative word refers to not desirable or not optimal situation. Software Testing is a process which verifies and validates the system and checks whether it is working as expected or not. In testing verification and validation may be done by providing different sensible test input data So in testing, Negative word […]

Database Testing As technology is growing, things are getting more complex in computer world.  When we access any website, mobile application or desktop application we think its quite easy and useful. But the fact is very different then what we think, to build those kind of application requires tremendous amount of effort. Complexity of user […]

Sanity Testing is the subset of Regression Testing and it is performed when we do not have enough time for doing testing. Sanity testing is the surface level testing where QA engineer verifies that all the menus, functions, commands available in the product and project are working fine. Here are the few consolidated points of Sanity testing: Sanity testing follows […]

Security Testing tests the ability of the system/software to prevent unauthorized access to the resources and data. Security Testing needs to cover the six basic security concepts: confidentiality integrity authentication authorization availability non-repudiation. Confidentiality A security measure which protects against the disclosure of information to parties other than the intended recipient that is by no […]

As its name implies, exploratory testing is about exploring, finding out about the software, what it does, what it doesn’t do, what works and what doesn’t work. The tester is constantly making decisions about what to test next and where to spend the (limited) time. This is an approach that is most useful when there […]