What is Mobile Payment

In this article we are going to discuss about the Mobile Payment method. How does this system works and how to test this kind of system. There are very big testing area in Mobile Payments and now there are new payments technology coming every day and for that everyone wants strong and secure channel to accept payments in any mode i.e  Eftpos,  Magnetic strip card (Magstrip Card), Chip & PIN and latest one is Contact-less (PayPass).

For Each kind of payment method there are certain rules exists which are made by Master and Visa  who are those has only rights to approved your device to take payments in any mode at any time. Now we have questioned what sort of rules here we are talking? Here the meaning of rules is Certification which is the first step in Payments industry to take any payment on specific device. Let’s consider few available devices in current market who takes payment using Master Card, VISA, American Express, Eftpos etc.

  1. PayPal Mobile and Commonwealth Payment Device: For PayPal and Commanwelth Bank devices are already loaded with their own Configuration files which means once you request for device PayPal OR CBA device. Company will do all setting with your registered name and sent it to you and you can start shopping and make payments using those devices. So here if we want to do any testing for Device than we have very limited scope because we have already device are ready with all configuration files so we cannot think OR see what are those configuration files and hence we cannot do any testing for those part. Tester only get chance to test few basic functionality.



 2. Mint Payment: For Mint payment there is a different story because they have very secure and simple device and mobile app by considering that any customer from small business to vey huge business. People can use device to take payments by doing few tap on app with very good User Interface. Also device used by Mint Payments get configured very basic and due to that they have lots of testing scope here. They are using RKI (Remote Key Injection) concept to make device capable to take payments once you registered. Lets see  for Mint Payments what we can do when we want to do testing from E2E (end-to-End).


What is Remote Key Injection: (RKI)


Remote Key Injection is nothing but simply download the required configuration file from server based on the customer’s requirements to the Mint device using wi-fi or Mobile Data once devide connected to Mobile App (iOS or Android)

How to Test RKI

  • Test for device connectivity after factory reset
  • Testing for Positive scenarios which includes to start and successfully download required configuration files from served to Mint Device.
  • Testing for Negative scenarios which includes ,
    • when RKI just started Turn OFF Wi-Fi/Mobile Data connection in Mobile (Breaking Connectivity between server and device )
    • When RKI was going on send mobile app into Back-ground and break connection between Device and App.
    • When RKI was going on call will be received and ended, so after call will be ended RKI should be continue from last stop.
    • When RKI was going on Send App in Background but do not kill the app and open from Recent Open Items, it will continue RKI.

How to test different card and mode after RKI:

  • Test for Purchase using Magstripe, EMV card and using SAV, CHQ and CR accounts
  • Test For Refund using Magstripe, EMV card and using SAV, CHQ and CR accounts
  • Test for Partial Refund using Magstripe, EMV card and using SAV, CHQ and CR accounts
  • Test for Faulty Chip Card I.e after 3 times it will ask to swipe card which is called as FallBack mode
  • Test For FallForwarde Intensely Swipe Chip Card then wrongly Insert Chip Card 3 times and finally Swipe the card.

** Here Card for testing includes Master /VISA/ AMEX/ Eftpos /Dinner/ Credit only.

Testing for Mobile App:

  • Testing for Declined transaction where money should not be deduct from customer account.
  • Testing for transaction will be cancelled by user by Pressing (X) from Device.
  • Testing for Reversal of transaction in case of card was removed after entering PIN on device(Purchase/ Refund).
  • Testing for transaction get error by sending app to background.
  • Verify Purchase transaction details i.e Amount, Time and TimeZone , Date, notes if any added
  • Testing for App when doing a transaction and interrupt occurs i.e Call OR SMS come, Sending App to Back-ground.
  • Testing for Device and App Connectivity i.e Bluetooth and Internet (Wi-fi +MobileData)
  • Email and SMS sending after transaction will be completed.
  • Email and SMS sending from Transaction History, individual Transaction Details screen.

This is the end of how we can do Mobile payment testing with more focus on RKI. Please feel free to give suggestion and comment on my articles.

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