What is Cross browser testing?

Cross browser testing is the process of reviewing and comparing website functionality and styles across multiple browser platforms, operating systems, and mobile devices to uncover any potential discrepancies.

We all have a preferred browser that we use daily, so it can be easy to forget what the rest of the population is using to access a website. Whether you’re a developer, designer, or quality control inspector, you have to consider the countless methods end-users can utilize to interact with your website

cross-browser testing



Why Cross browser testing is performed?

To check whether appearance of web pages in different browsers- is it the same, is it different, if one is better than the other, etc. and also functionality and working of it.

One of the main aspects of cross-browser testing to keep in mind is that CSS styles render differently across browsers/browser versions, especially in terms of what is supported and what is not. Older versions of Internet Explorer are generally the most affected by unsupported CSS elements and newer HTML tags.

Normal view of page



View on internet explorer 7


Aspect to cover in cross browser testing

  • CSS validation
  • HTML or XHTML validation
  • Page validations with and without JavaScript enabled
  • Ajax and JQuery functionality
  • Font size validation
  • Page layout in different resolutions
  • All images and alignment
  • Header and footer sections
  • Page content alignment to centre, LHS or RHS
  • Page styles
  • Date formats
  • Special characters with HTML character encoding
  • Page zoom-in and zoom-out functionality

How cross browser testing is performed?

It is performed in two ways

Manually: This is biggest painful method to do cross browser testing for testers. In this tester has to check on different browser and different environment which leads to multiple machines, multiple OSs, Multiple browsers, multiple machines and but clearly, this leads to multiple problems, multiple investments and multiple challenges.

Renorex Test


Automated: To overcome the problem of manual testing automated testing is performed    through testing tools available in market.

List of some cross browser testing tools

Free cross browser testing tool

  • Spoon Browser Sandbox
  • Browsershots
  • IE NetRenderer
  • IE Tab
  • IE Tester
  • Microsoft SuperPreview

Paid cross browser testing tool

  • Browsera
  • Adobe BrowserLab
  • BrowserCam
  • Browserseal
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Cloud Testing


Since browsers are constantly updating and new versions are being released on a regular basis, keeping track of any changes that might impact how sites work is important. It is essential to continue to test across a wide variety of browsers/devices in order to accommodate a broader audience. One thing site owners can do to determine which main browsers to focus on is to review their site’s analytics report. The report will show the percentage of site viewers using specific browsers/browser versions, operating systems, and devices. Ensuring that content displays/functions correctly in all applicable browsers will help to provide the best possible experience for your current end-users and expand your future audience.

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