Introduction Postman makes API Testing faster, easier, and better. Postman is the most complete tool chain for API development. It is the most-used REST client worldwide that has Intuitive user interface to send requests, save responses, add tests, and create workflows. It is Designed with the developer in mind & packed with features and options […]

Introduction: We all must have heard about SOAP services and REST services, which is very common in now a days. Around the globe all the complex projects at some places used SOAP and/or REST services. In this tutorial we will talk about basics of SOAP and REST and later we will explain how to test […]

This post is continuation of our last article “Introduction to Postman“. Sending the first request Enter “” into the URL field Hit the Send button to send your request, and you will see the server response at the bottom with some JSON data. Notice that Postman has added under the History tab of the […]